Langstone Harbour was the hub of events for Year 4 as they took to the water during their sailing week.

Edward H in 4G reports on his week.

In the week after half term, Year Four went sailing. On the first morning we were told

how to rig our boats, but because there was too much wind we didn’t sail then.

When the weather calmed down in the afternoon, we learnt more skills from our

instructors and got out on the water for the first time in the dinghies and on paddle


On Tuesday the weather was unfortunately miserable, so we were concerned about whether we would get a chance to sail. Luckily, we did get to go out on the choppy water in the afternoon, but many of us had the help of an instructor in our boat. Ten minutes after we started sailing, I capsized. When I hit the water, I started shivering, despite wearing lots of

layers. The water felt as cold as snow. I managed to get back in my boat and sped off in a strong wind.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to sail to Hayling Island and get an ice cream. The rich vanilla ice cream, which tasted wonderful, melted quickly on my tongue. We also had our packed-lunches and fortunately, the weather was marvellous. Once we

were back on the shimmering water, the breeze was strong and I thought the air smelt sweet as we sailed back to the Sailing Centre.

Over the week, we learnt to tack, which is a type of turn, as well as learning the parts of the boat including the tiller, rudder, bow and jib. We also practised figure of eight and reef knots.

We can all agree that Sailing Week was a fantastic opportunity and a really fun week out of the classroom.