The Junior School headed to HMS Temeraire for their Sports Day this year, while the Nursery and Infants went to Hilsea Playing Fields.

The rain was falling and the Junior School Sports Day hung in the balance...

Luckily for our Juniors the clouds passed and the sun shone through to kick start a fantastic day of sports at HMS Temeraire. Our Juniors were split into groups to compete across nine events all morning. We were all very excited to see our pupils challenging themselves and competing with endeavour and resilience.

As the day unfolded, lots of amazing stories from our staff were reported. Here are some of the highlights from the staff running the events:

Anna P (Year 4) jumping over 3.45m! Wow, great jump!

Max C (Year 5) running in the hurdles lost one shoe but carried on to finish his race!

Marcus R (Year 6) saw his sister exhausted after her 400m run. He quickly consoled her and gave her a hug!

David C (Year 4) and Jojo (Year 3) both sustained heavy falls in the hurdles. They both ran again to obtain a time. Excellent perseverance!

Evie B (Year 3) put all her effort into her long jump, landing well, then face planting in the sand. Evie had a massive smile and loved the experience nonetheless!

Our main highlight coming through from lots of staff was the amount of respect and support shown from all our pupils competing. We have received lots of reports of pupils clapping others who won the event and also helping and encouraging others when they were competing. After over two hours of competition, all our pupils earnt lots of points for their own score, as well as their Houses. The results were collated and the individual winners and House Sports Day champions were announced. A massive congratulations once again to the following pupils and Houses.

Year 3 Individual Sports Day Champions, Ellis T-C and Hattie M

Year 4 Individual Sports Day Champions, Joshua J and Anna P

Year 5 Individual Sports Day Champions, Jamie T/Reuben T and Shimmy P-A

Year 6 Individual Sports Day Champions, Charlie G and Chloe B

Overall House Sports Day Champions were Privett!!! Great team effort.

The weather at Hilsea Playing Fields for the Nursery and Infants' Sports Day was a complete contrast!

The Sports Day was a great platform for all children to thrive with their friends in running, jumping and throwing events.

Over the past term, pupils in PE have focused their learning on the specific techniques and skills required to run in a straight line at maximum speed, cross the finish line, react to starting commands, throw with an open body position, send and retrieve objects in a set order moving from high to low, and jump and hop on both two feet and one foot.

All of this has been in a supportive and non-competitive environment to allow children to foster these skills and feel their body accomplish the activities. Sports Day brought all these skills together in both an inclusive and competitive environment to allow the pupils to experience winning, competing, challenge and perseverance.