Year Six have had the opportunity to work with several authors this term to develop their writing skills. They followed the ten top writing tips from Caroline Lawrence, an English American author who best known for 'The Roman Mysteries' series of historical novels for children, creating posters to show the top tips as well as going through them on film (right).

"I followed the ten tips and wrote a story about a girl who teleported to another world, to have an amazing adventure to save her brother," said Ruthie Gawly. "The tip that really helped me move the plot forward was the threshold idea, the character had to go out of their comfort zone through a physical barrier." They also took part in a writing challenge set by author Nicola Fry. She challenged Year 6 to describe their favourite room 100 years in the future. She also told them to wear some cool sunglasses - so they did!

The pupils imagined waking up in a room after all that time and describing all the changes, the over grown vegetation which had burst into their home like the forest around sleeping beauty. Similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia filled the pages as the images were described in detail. Savannah and Maira said that the challenge they enjoyed the most was the one where you could draw, and be creative through pictures instead of just words.