The Gala Concert

Arty really enjoyed learning about Space and did an excellent job of creating his very own spaceship at home just like the spaceship from the book ‘Toys in Space’.

At home the children listened to Mrs. Moore reading the story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears', Henry drew a wonderful picture of daddy bear and Benny found things around his house that started with the sound b; biscuit, binoculars, bread, baby and bear!

Louis, Hugo and Jasmine created some wonderful art work at home to support their learning based around the book 'Owl Babies'. Jasmine created some lovely paintings using feathers, and Louis and Hugo created mummy owl using different media. At Pre-School the children were thinking about other things that can fly William created a marvellous aeroplane, look at all of the passengers going on their holiday!

The children have also read a story about a very naughty wolf called Winston who liked to eat books, we think he came into the Pre-School because we found some books in the quiet room with ripped pages! The children set to work writing some signs to Winston warning him not to come into the pre-school. We think it worked, our books are all intact and we certainly haven’t seen Winston anywhere!