Year 4 look to the future

Looking to the future and how robots might form part of it, Year 4 were set the challenge of designing robots that would help the future of mankind and save a 'local businessman' whose business had been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. He wanted a new invention which would enable him to compete with big businesses like John Lewis (to make him rich!), but also do good for the world. Robots running on solar power, robots that could pick up and recycle rubbish and help with cleaning were all featured along with other examples of amazing creativity from across a very excited cohort of Year 4 children. Archibald Proops (a local entrepreneur) set the challenge and has been in regular contact with Year 4 throughout via video messages and Tweets. All of the potential inventions have been sent on to Archibald along with accompanying non-fiction writing, and very thoroughly labelled diagrams showing how they met his very extensive brief! We wait with bated breath to see who he will be choose as the winner!