Seeing the school site and exam cancellations as an opportunity to prepare pupils more fully for higher education, the Sixth Form team developed a range of opportunities for pupils to take part in, in the form of Pre-University short courses. These include an impressive range of academic courses covering subjects from Art to Physiotherapy and Biology to Law, all aimed at supporting their transition to university.

"I'm doing the Biology and Psychology courses. I like how the academic courses are laid out with a lecture on one day and seminar on another,” was feedback from one pupil in Year 13. “I think this will be very useful for getting used to the structure of uni life and also will help us to develop an efficient way to take notes so we feel prepared to go straight to uni.”

Alongside this there has been an enrichment section allowing pupils access to a range of options including the Ivy House Leadership Course, a Nutrition Academy and even Drama. This has given pupils the opportunity to remain engaged with learning and participation through regular tutor group catch-ups and online activities. “The courses have been incredibly well received by Year 13,” said Mr Luke Rees, Head of Sixth Form. “We’ve seen great levels of engagement on all the courses we have offered, providing us with a blueprint to what we can offer pupils in the future in terms of enrichment as well as pre-U opportunities to help them prepare for the future.” “The Year 13 Virtual Curriculum has been really enjoyable and rewarding both academically and personally. It has not only furthered my interest in the topics I will be studying at university but has also provided me a structured routine which has kept me busy through lockdown.” Year 13 pupil feedback.