The PGS Stock Market club has not let remote-working hamper its trading activities! The team reflected on its predictions for which sectors of the market would thrive during the Covid-19 Crisis. Tavie Hynes-Laitt, Henry Buckle and Ryan Zhou were joint first in picking the winners: unsurprisingly these include e-commerce and film & music subscriptions like Alibaba and Spotify, but also closer to home the online education sector has returned 5.3% since 21st January. Unsurprisingly online travel is the worst hit sector (down 45%) but the pupils were astonished to learn the size of the pull back in advertising and the resultant hit for online search companies such as Google, which are down 13%. Over the rest of the term, pupils worked on developing a thesis on whether the recovery will be "V" shaped or "U" shaped, and assembling a portfolio of securities to take advantage.