Year 5 embarked on a project this term to write to the residents of Holmbush Court, Southsea

To be 'good neighbours', Year Five embarked on a project to write to the residents of Holmbush Court, a retirement housing complex in Southsea. Lotti in 5G writes about her experience of the project: "Last Friday Year Five wrote some letters to residents of Holmbush Court, a sheltered housing for older people in Southsea. We were asked to write this because we know that not everyone will have company at the moment and so are lonely. Our task was to say, in a chatty language, about things we like to do and explain about what we’re doing at the moment (within lockdown)! I wrote about my music, sport and new baby brother. I really enjoyed doing this as it allowed me to express my feelings and to share what I can’t do (this reminded me that I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t get outside)! And I hope that my letter brought some joy to whoever read it." The letters were printed and delivered to Holmbush Court where they were received enthusiastically by the residents. Well done to Year Five for taking part in such a thoughtful project!