If you see Mr Cheshire, the School Estates Manager, looking a little nervous it is because he has some competition hot on his heels mapping out the school and working out the best way to get around…

Whether they are planning on becoming Estate Managers remains to be seen, but the children in Reception thoroughly enjoyed their map activity as they started their ‘On the Move’ topic. They created maps in school to show them out to get from one place to another, drew pictures and took photographs to add to their maps. They then tested the maps to see if they could get from their classroom to the playground.

Good news – they all made it there and back by carefully following their map and looking for landmarks on the way.

The children went on to talk about why and how we use maps and the different types of maps that we can access. They were fascinated to find out that Mrs Carlin used to help navigate on long family car journeys by using a map that was in a book usually kept in the boot of the car.

The children went on to explore the school environment from the air using Google Earth. They were amazed to see that they could see the snakes and ladders game and the train.