Years 1 and 2 have been busy learning about wildlife and exploring whispering woods....

Bees buzzing everywhere! During Remote Learning, Year 1 became bee experts! The children enjoyed doing their own research using a range of resources and now know many interesting facts. They made 3D bee life cycles at home, produced amazing information posters and used their imagination like Bella Butterfly to create some wonderful models using recycled materials that they found at home. We even made honey flapjacks in Food Tech. The children have developed their understanding of insects further through minibeast hunts, exploring the micro-habitats found around school, thinking carefully about the shelter, food and protection that each minibeast needs to survive. This informed their planning when designing their own miniature garden, where they were asked to think carefully about the different micro-habitats. Oliver (1G) used his imagination like Bella Butterfly to create a model of a bee using recycling materials he could find at home, while Seren (1G) created a fantastic poster to tell us all about bees

Travelling through magical woods, hearing whispers in trees and exploring beautiful gardens, Year 2 had a great time learning about the flora and fauna. They sketched their own versions of Monet’s garden, read children's classic ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and saw some epic growth in their Magic Beans!

The children also wrote some riddles about characters from ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton, can you cast your mind back to being 7 years old and guess who the characters are?

I live in the Faraway Tree, I am friends with Moon Face, I like Pop Cakes, I have a soft voice, I have long, shiny hair. Who am I? By Olivia, 2G

I love toffee! I have a face that glows in the dar, I live in the Enchanted Wood, I live at the top of the Faraway Tree, I can sometimes be a little bit naughty, I put nuts into Mr Whatizname’s mouth when he was sleeping, I am good friends with Silky, I have the Slippery Slip in my house. Can you guess who I am? By Kate, 2G

I once lived in a land, I love making noise, I am as loud as a brass band, I met 3 friends, I can’t hear very well, I am very nice, I live to have tea with my friends. Can you guess who I am? By Berry, 2G