20/20 VISION

The Leonardo Poetry Competion celebrates 62 years.

Every year since 1958 there has been a Leonardo Competition that celebrates creative talent at PGS. For many years, the English department, in combination with various other departments, has run the Leonardo Poetry Competition, with Mr Richardson at the helm for the past thirteen years. Each year there is a theme: this one was '20 20 Visions'. No-one anticipated how different this year was going to be, but the department was determined to carry on with the competition, and a bumper number of entries appeared in Mr Richardson’s inbox: over 400 of them! However, usually the event culminates in a Finalists’ evening of readings to parents at the end of the school year, but, of course, no such event could take place. Instead, all of the poems, together with Mr Richardson’s thoughts and the overall results for each of the Year group entries, can be found by clicking here. Feel free to dip into these poems: an exhilarating and varied set of voices expressing so powerfully the ways in which we have all experienced the events of this year. It is particularly pleasing to highlight the worthy winner of this year’s Leonardo Poetry Cup: Emma Moseley in Year 12. Her poem movingly and engagingly explores the world of 2020 and its various challenges. Superb stuff, Emma! Finally, it should be recorded here that 2020 has also seen Mr Richardson’s final year of running the competition. He retires not only from school but, more importantly, from PGS poetry too. We wish him and his wife, Maria, every future happiness.