Portsmouth Point blog has received its one millionth page view this term.

The blog launched in February 2012, with articles on the significance of the Greek philosopher Thales, the appeal of dubstep and the legacy of the 1908 London Olympics, establishing from the beginning the eclecticism that has defined Portsmouth Point ever since. Nine years later, it continues to reflect the dizzying diversity of PGS pupils’ ideas, opinions and enthusiasms, as well as their intellectual and cultural curiosity, their creativity and their love of debate and discussion.

Our most widely read articles have often dealt with controversial or significant events, from Brexit to the election of Donald Trump, the pandemic to the climate crisis. However, equally popular have been pieces on subjects ranging from where to get a good breakfast in Southsea to the mathematical probability of finding a girlfriend. No topic has been left unexplored: political events, socio-cultural issues, music, science, literature, photography, TV & film, cooking, art, philosophy and religion, tech, history, fashion, psychology, sport and much more besides.

As we began this year, we looked back at 2020 as the year in which PGS went through its first period of remote learning in response to the global pandemic; Portsmouth Point published more articles in 2020 (545) than we had in any twelve-month period previously (breaking the record of 485 articles set in 2013). We were delighted to welcome contributions not only from our dynamic editorial team but from members of the whole school community (pupils, parents, grandparents, OPs and staff). During the second period of remote learning, in 2021, Portsmouth Point continued to offer a platform for any member of the school community who wished to share online their ideas, opinions and enthusiasms with others.

Very many thanks to all our loyal readers and to our dedicated team of editors and contributors. To visit Portsmouth Point, click here.

By Mr James Burkinshaw