Keeping the momentum going during lockdown

Swing balls, strength training, cardiac training... inventiveness was the key this term to keep the PGS community moving and motivated during the darkest and coldest months of the year and the PGS Sport Department met the challenge.

Each year group had a mixture of live and pre-planned PE lessons focusing on fitness and the variety of equipment available at home, with rucksacks filled with books and tins of beans liberated from cupboards to use as weights. Games was led by the Heads of Hockey, Netball and Rugby and again used a number of mediums to deliver a range of online classes to pupils.

The co-curricular sporting provision has seen pupils take advantage of opportunities in dance, CrossFit, spin and stretch and well-being sessions. These classes have proved popular throughout the week as well as the Saturday sporting provision of CrossFit and dance to ensure we have continued this key element of PGS Sport. 

Undoubtedly the highlight of this term so far has been the family three and five kilometre challenges which saw pupils, parents and pets (!) take on the challenge of covering these distances as quickly as possible either walking or running. The aim of these challenges was to get as many of the PGS community active over a weekend as possible, whilst competing with a number of other schools within the Trinity Schools Group. The PGS community did not disappoint with over 100 families taking on both distances and the school placing fourth in the three-kilometre challenge for the number of entries across 10 other schools in the South. Over 100 families also took part in the virtual challenge 'fixture' with Churcher's College over February half term.

This combined with Saturday online classes has meant PGS Sport has seen between 250-300 people active across a number of weekends of Lockdown.

With all pupils returning to the school site in March, it was fantastic to give them the opportunity of sport at Hilsea Playing Fields once more.

In the Junior School, the focus was on keeping pupils motivated and moving alongside developing physical fitness, sport specific skills, creative and thinking skills during PE and Games lessons which were delivered through Google Classroom.

Creative skills were definitely displayed by Year 3 who met the challenge of designing their own basketball nets with imaginative flair!

PGJS Sport also challenged their pupils and families to take part in a 3km Family Challenge in January. 27 families took part covering 81km - the distance between Portsmouth and Bournemouth! During half term families took up the Travel Challenge to see how many kilometres they could cover on foot or bike - Junior School families racked up an impressive 1000km during the week!

When all pupils returned to school a new challenge was set... the Keep Fit K Challenge has literally run through the Junior School! Each form class has been challenged to complete as many kilometres as they can before the Easter holidays, whether running around their classroom or around the Junior School Quad. Each time they complete a kilometre they earn a block to build a tower... The Lion will reveal who built the tallest tower!

Mid-March saw the return to Saturday Sport for Junior School pupils too, with sessions being held in the Tennis Dome. There have been a variety of activities for pupils to take part in and it has been great to see such enthusiasm and enjoyment as they are able to work together again.