Scrambling up walls and campfire cooking – the Pre-School children have been busy broadening (and heightening!) their experiences this term.

The Pre-School pupils, with the help of Mr Sayell from the Senior School Outdoor Pursuits team, have been able to have a go at bouldering and scaling the new climbing walls in the Sports Hall. The enthusiasm and bravery shown was exceptional as they raced up the walls like little spiders (or Spiderman for the Marvel fans). Most popular of all was the trip back down the wall with Mr Sayell bouncing and swinging them along, much to their delight.

“We thought we would make the most of the extra time available to us in the Sports Hall with the majority of Senior pupils learning remotely this term and help to provide some variety for the children during the lockdown period,” said Mrs Chloe Eastburn, Pre-School Lead. “It was fantastic to see the children all so keen to have a go at either climbing along the lower walls, or being put in the harness to scale the bigger walls. We were all incredibly impressed with how high they all went and the resilience they showed!”

Potentially inspiring future Duke of Edinburgh Award participants, Mr Sayell has also been a frequent visitor in the Pre-School playground bringing his fire pit to teach the pupils a little about camping and eating outdoors. Inevitably the toasted marshmallows were the biggest hit, though the children were fascinated to watch him set the fire and explain how careful they needed to be around campfires. The children have since created their own fire pit role play, taking it turns to play the teacher and instruct their friends on being safe and cooking delicious food. As one Big Cub explained, “If you trip and fall in the fire you will get burned and have to see a doctor.” The children have really developed a healthy respect for fire through this activity and know that it can be a useful tool if handled appropriately with an adult.