Year 3 explore the culture and history of Australia.

G'day mate! 26th January was Australia Day and Year 3 spent the day taking part in some amazing Australian themed activities.

All wearing bright gold and green the day started early so the pupils could be introduced to what Australia Day is all about, discovering that it is a day to commemorate when in 1788 the Union Jack was raised in Sydney Cove to mark the beginning of a new colony. The children then looked at what makes Australia Australian, from its animals and landmarks to the Aboriginal people who have lived there for many thousands of years. Using what they had learnt, they then made some superb bunting depicting any of these facts. It was great fun, and the results were amazing. Later in the morning, they created a set of Top Trump cards for the animals of Australia. They had to find out what animals live there and then think about their attributes, how many legs, how fast...maybe even how poisonous!! One of the favourite activities of the day was to create their very own boomerang. A huge thank you to Mr Nash, who made one for everybody and to Mrs Nash and Mrs Neilson who made sure that they all arrived with the children ready for this fun day. Looking at Aboriginal culture and artwork, the children worked to make sure that their boomerangs were decorated in the right style, they found it quite tricky to create pictures and patterns by using dots, the results were well worth the effort.