Year 5 delve into ancient Greece.

Stepping back in time, Year 5 have been investigating the mythology and history of Ancient Greece.

To kick-off their spring term topic, they were treated to a fantastic performance of 'Theseus and the Minotaur' streamed online from a theatre in Athens. This retelling of an epic Greek tale was extremely lively, colourful and creatively choreographed inspired the children with rave reviews.

“I thought the actors were so clever to play so many different characters.”

“I loved the way they combined sound effects with actions on stage.”

Thank you so much to Ariadni and her family for suggesting and arranging this incredible online theatre experience for Year 5.

Connecting what they learnt from the costumes in the play to their work in Design Technology, the pupils have been making prototypes of a Greek sandal. The design brief stated that it must fit their own foot, to make it true to the size of a real sandal. The children began by drawing round the sole of their shoe, and after researching their preferred style, created some very authentic looking sandals!

They have also been working on creating our own Greek Myth Top Trumps using the Greek Gods for the character cards as well as creating some of their own fabulous Greek Myths…

He had mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness at the same time. He had procured his bag with some snacks and his favourite teddy, but he had no idea how he was going to get to Olympus. Suddenly the key started to glow fiercely and as soon as Eatha touched it he saw a flash and closed his eyes. By Alex

20 years later their son who they had foolishly abandoned as he wasn't of pure royal blood, was taking a short stroll in the woods when he was stopped… right in front of him was a cobra which appeared to be 10 feet tall with a horrible set of sharp teeth drooping down to its neck. This was the start of his journey. By Henry F

The pupils have also been preparing for their production of ‘Go for Gold’ that ties in seamlessly their topic as well as the forthcoming Olympics. The pupils have been busy devising choreography in Dance lessons, learning the musical pieces in Music and analysing the characteristics of the main roles in Drama. Anticipation is building for the epic production!