The Photography Club in focus.

The Gala Concert

Capturing where we live, our community and environment creates interesting challenges for the Photography Club. Led by Mr Stone, this year the pupils in this co-curriculum club have been set a wide variety of themes and tasks, including the bubbles featured on the front and content pages of this issue of Horizons.

“The pupil response to these challenges have been impressive to say the least,” says Mr Stone. “Recently we had the Winter competition in which pupils captured the icy environment of January and February and experimented with depth of field. Some of the results were stunning.”

Click here to view a brochure featuring the images captured by the finalists.

So, why should pupils learn more about how to use the camera on their phone or pick up camera and take part? Maira Dixit in Year 7 gives her view.

“This year Photography Club has been a blast! The first week of it was very exciting, as we were asked to take photos of something to do with masks, hence the subject was 'Masked Faces'. Everyone in the club was very creative with this theme, and we had some amazing pictures taken that were all inspired by different things. Over the next few weeks Mr Stone and Mr. Ellis set us a challenge, to submit one photo for three themes: Autumn, movement and an open entry. Everyone who took part took amazing photos, and I am happy to say I won a prize in the 'Movement' theme. I have enjoyed submitting photos that are unique and special in their own way this year and looking at other people's photos as well to take some inspiration and give advice. I have learnt about the 'Rule of Thirds' in this club, and how to take good photos with it. Photography Club is a place to share your talent, and other people can see how well you have progressed by doing so, and little things that makes the photo special. I hope more people join this club each year, as it is very interactive, and gets you interested in different things that you have never tried before. 🙂”