Or is it...?

Over 2,500 years ago a Buddhist tale was told of a a hare who thinks that a falling fruit means the end of the world. More and more animals join the panic, until a lion explains what happened and that all is well.

Fast forward to March 2020 and Year 3 performed the tale to their family and friends in the form of Chicken Licken who brought panic to his animal friends by telling them that sky was falling in after an acorn hit his head. A colourful entourage of creatures joined the march to see the King, narrowly escaping becoming tea for Foxy Loxy, before they realised the mistake Chicken Licken had made and had a good old barn dance to celebrate!

The performance from Year 3 was full of exuberance, colour, expression and fun, enjoyed by the Infant audience and grown-up audience alike.

Congratulations to all the pupils for all their hard work to remember their lines and their dance moves and to the teachers for helping them put on such a fantastic show.