This term, we have seen the launch of the Young Leader Award Scheme in Year 7. The scheme aims to challenge the pupils to incorporate four areas of the PGS Core: Commitment, Compassion, Creativity and Courage. Within each section, the pupils will take up new activities, develop current skills and collaborate with new people. A large proportion of the scheme can be completed within school, and this will encourage pupils to take up extra-curricular clubs already on offer. Commitment will challenge the pupils to take part in a physical activity, compassion to give back through charitable events or

supporting someone in the local community, creativity to take on a new skill they have never done before and courage challenges the pupils to head out on an adventure with family and friends to complete a walk, run or cycle. By the end of the scheme, pupils will have gained vital skills in leadership, resilience and ownership. This is a very exciting opportunities for the pupils to reflect on these four core values and look at how they can be part of everyday life at school and within the Portsmouth community.