Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

Extinction Rebellion, the impact of our diet on the environment, Greta Thunberg's message and what we could all try to do to make a positive change for the future of the planet were presented and debated by the Climate Change Panel and the attending audience during a lunchtime debate this term. The questioning was at times lively, but with everyone broadly agreeing that change needs to start at home to make a long term impact. The event was organised as a wellbeing initiative to encourage pupils to find out more about and to discuss issues that affect them and has been part of a series of activities this term.

Bottle Top Heroes

The first full bin bag of plastic bottle tops was taken to Lush in Commercial Road who arrange for them to be made into plastic pellets for building materials. Thank you to everyone who has used the facility so far and a reminder that small hand sanitizer bottles can also be disposed of in this bin!

Single-Use Reducing

60% fewer vegware cups are being used since January when they were made available by request only, which saves 100,000 per year! Similarly, 500 fewer single use coffee cups are being used weekly and approximately 40 members of staff are using their own Tupperware for salad, rather than the single use vegware containers.

Sheets Go Down

When it comes to paper, the average number of sheets printed per school day has dropped from 14,300 in October to approximately 8,500 in the past few months. Well done to everyone who has engaged in these initiatives, and let’s see if we can keep on improving these numbers into the Summer Term!