Bringing learning into the context of the working world, Year 9 had several opportunities this term to take part in activities to enhance their curriculum learning.

Water treatment is an important section of the GCSE specification and Year 9 pupils were incredibly lucky to receive some expert tuition from PGS parent Mr Harry Mouquet, one of the Group Engineers at Biwater International. In 30 minutes Year 9 were whisked effortlessly across the globe from Ethiopia and the Sudan to Malaysia where the industrial plant used to treat water was expertly explained. The session ended with the pupils performing their own slightly simpler purification experiment! Pupils cannot have failed to have gained a fuller understanding of both being a Chemical Engineer and issues relating to water supply.

At the end of January, future engineers took part in the annual Lockheed Martin Challenge. Year 9 pupils were tasked to design, build and test a system required to rescue a Merlin helicopter that had been forced to make a landing in desert conditions. The teams worked all day on their rescue solutions with the help of staff from Lockheed Martin. The honours on the day went to 'Team 1' - Hugo Francis-Braconi, Ben Feeney, Matty Saunders, Edward Frazer and William Gadd - but congratulations to all the pupils who took part for working so hard and enthusiastically during the day.