Children from across the Junior School enjoyed a variety of trips and local visits during the Spring Term.

How big is a dinosaur? HUGE! That was the conclusion of Year 1 after they visited the Search Museum in Gosport. The pupils had a great day undertaking lots of fun activities and discovering interesting fact like how a fossil is made… and the size of dinosaurs!

It was to Southampton that Year 2 headed to extend their learning about the Titanic. At the Titanic Museum they had the opportunity to look at different artefacts from the ship, as well as hear stories from survivors. Dressing up as various passengers and crew also helped bring the real stories of the Titanic to life.

It was a chilly day in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for Year 3 when they visited HMS Victory. All the pupils were fascinated to hear about life on board, though not so much about the bugs falling out of bread or how the crew washed their clothes!

Year 4 launched in to their ‘Terrific Tudors’ topic with a walking tour of some of the landmarks and streets of Tudor Portsmouth. They also visited the Mary Rose Museum, enjoying a fact-filled tour as well as taking part in activities to help them understand what Portsmouth was like at that time and the different people who worked on board the ship.

Year 5 walked to the Portsmouth Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish faith as part of their project learning. The pupils enjoyed an animated talk, taking them through the history of Judaism, the beliefs it is founded upon and some of the history of the Jewish community in Portsmouth. They were shown the Torah taken in to the Synagogue itself, where they had the layout explained to them, how men and women pray separately, the age at which children ‘become’ adult within the faith and the traditions of Shabbat – the Jewish sabbath which is on a Saturday.

“My favourite part was finding out about the Sabbath, Shabbat. You are not allowed to work, nor even flick a light switch on!” said one of the pupils.

All the Junior School pupils love the opportunities they have to go out on these visits to enrich their classroom learning and certainly come back buzzing with enthusiasm for their topics.