There was an air of anticipation, then a burst of excitable energy and music in the Junior School quad as the Infants poured out of their classrooms and into the Quad for their flash mob style performance of Uptown Funk!

The children had worked incredibly hard and shown so much determination and perseverance to learn the dance and even the nervous children joined in on the day and had a smile on their faces. The pupils were simply buzzing in the afternoon and wanted to perform again and again – they all particularly enjoyed it when members of the school catering team, teachers, support staff and a few Senior School pupils joined in for the encore!

It was an incredibly valuable experience that enabled all pupils to take away some highly valuable life lessons about being courageous, respecting others and trusting in themselves.

This was an amazing and extremely memorable event and a big thank you has to go to all the pupils, who threw themselves into the challenge with such energy, and to the staff who pulled it all together.