Over the Christmas break, the images from the fires in Australia galvanised Kayla White in Year 4 to make an appeal to the school Eco-Council to do something to raise funds to help with looking after the wildlife that had been so widely devastated by the fires.

“I saw what was happening in Australia on the news and wanted to do something to help after seeing all the injured animals,” explained Kayla. “It was so sad to see all the burns on their fur and paws.” Kayla took her idea to the Eco-Council which is made up of pupil representatives from Years 3 – 6. Several of the pupils on the council have family and friends living in Australia so they were keen to do something to help. “We listened carefully to the compelling case put forward by a number of pupils who wished to take positive action in response to the ongoing Australian bushfire emergency,” said Mr Chris Ellis who is the staff-lead for the Eco-Council. “We talked about lots of ideas at our meeting and the pupils and staff decided that a mufti-day, just after Australia Day, would be a good way to raise funds.”

The pupils raised an amazing £830 which will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund who will use the money to care for injured Australian wildlife and, after the fires clear, help restore homes for koalas and other wildlife, including planting the first 10,000 trees urgently needed in koala habitats. “Encouraging our pupils to think about the world beyond PGS and how they can positively contribute to it is incredibly important to us,” said Dr Anne Cotton. “I am really proud of the pupils who came forward and led this initiative, wanting to do what they could to help the Australian communities, and who worked hard to make sure their peers knew about the issues and took part in the event.” “It has been really exciting today to see everyone out of school uniform,” added Kayla. “It’s really good to know that we are doing something to be able to help.”