All Creatures Great
and Small

The entries for the Wildlife Club photography competition have recently been judged by Old Portmuthian and BBC wildlife cameraman John Aitchison.

There were many superb photographs entered again this year, which fitted the theme of “all creatures great and small”.

In the Middle School competition, John very much liked Alice’s photograph of a dog and he found the composition of Daisy’s bumble bee on a teasel most appealing. But the winner was Andrew Davis with his picture of a hummingbird as it is such a difficult subject to photograph well.

In Years 9 – 11, John was very impressed with Oscar’s picture of an owl, due to the striking symmetry and also Scarlett’s wasp which was well composed and pin sharp. However, he decided to give the prize to Alice’s young monkey as it was so engaging with eye contact adding to the appeal. This was also the overall winning photograph this year.

For the Sixth Form, John found Hardy’s photographs of butterflies beautiful and well composed. His favourite, however, was Kristina’s classic portrait of a marmoset as it was so calm and reflective, allowing us to look into its eyes.

Congratulations to all of our talented photographers.

Do look at the displays of some of the photos in the BCSC and start planning what you will take this year!