Pupils in Reception welcomed a space man in to class and learnt all about the challenges of rocketing to the moon!

As part of their Space topic, pupils in Reception had the opportunity to meet a real astronaut!

They arrived in school to find Commander Holt ready to tell them all about life in Space and space travel.

They learnt lots of interesting facts and asked many insightful questions.

The pupils also undertook many activities that astronauts would do on a daily basis and realised how difficult it can be. They also learnt about the importance of working together as a team and perseverance

Is it a bird...??!

Nursery children dressed as princesses and superheroes to raise money for The Crackerjack Children’s Trust, an organisation who raise money to buy equipment for disabled children.

Not only did we raise £118 but the children also had great fun acting out the roles of the characters, the dress up day was a perfect way to finish the term before our holidays.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who gave so generously.