Junior School staff could not have been prouder of the way the pupils conducted themselves during their House Day this term.

Every year, House Days have a fundraising focus and due to the schools proximity to the coast and its impact on our community, this year the charity selected was the RNLI for all that their volunteers do in keeping us safe when we are out and about on the water. The current COVID-19 restrictions did not stop exciting activities being devised for the children to participate in, with adaptations made for the activities having to take place in single year groups which gave the perfect opportunity to use the Connected Curriculum topics as a driver for the fundraising challenges. Junior School pupils always enjoy healthy competition and knowing this an inter-house challenge of who could collectively raise the most money was added. Year 3 were tasked with seeing how many times, over the course of an hour, they could virtually climb up the Spinnaker Tower which stands at 170m tall. Our youngest members of the Junior department were full of enthusiasm and they quickly racked up their ascents within the time allowed. They then created certificates as proof of their achievements, before heading off to Hilsea Playing Fields for an action-packed afternoon of inter-house games.

Year 4 had the challenge of seeing if they could climb the equivalent height of Ben Nevis (1345m), using the climbing frame, within an hour. If anyone feared climbing rapidly up and down the frame, nobody showed it. On display was pure determination and a proactive sense of teamwork. Year 4 surpassed climbing Ben Nevis, reaching the dizzy heights of Mt Kilimanjaro! This was interspersed with a fiercely competitive bench ball competition before they also headed up to Hilsea for more inter-house games.

Year 5 also had a climbing theme, seeing how many times they could climb the equivalent of the Aztec temples in an hour, as well as trying to complete Mrs Webber’s 'lava' challenge; which looked a lot easier than it proved to be! The skills, traits and values of the Learning Tree were in full swing during this part of their challenge with perseverance being displayed by all.

Year 6 had the weather to contend with in their challenge, walking the distance from Portsmouth to the D Day landing beaches in France. Using Governors Green, they calculated the route they needed to cover to walk a minimum of 2.5 km each, with the added challenge of carrying between them a very full and heavy rucksack. All pupils took up the challenge with enthusiasm and courage, easily covering the total distance from Portsmouth to France.

As a school, we are so very grateful for the generous donations which were made to support the children in their challenges for this very worthy cause, with a fantastic £5,143.75 raised for the RNLI.

Well done to all the fundraisers and a special mention to Hudson for their winning fundraising total of £1,806.