In 2013 PGS Pride was set up. Part academic enquiry, part support network, this society sought to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ members of the school and to engage with topics around gender and sexuality. Over the years, the focus of the society has broadened and in 2019 we hosted the 'Race Takeover' of PGS Pride with Portsmouth Point to place anti-racism at the centre of our agenda. This September we sought to draw together these aims by launching PGS Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

PGS D&I is a movement within the school to create an inclusive culture in which everyone can flourish. We stand against all forms of prejudice and discrimination and seek to further the cause of equality across all aspects of school life. Under the umbrella of PGS D&I there are specific issues which we seek to address, for example, anti-racism, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights; a celebration of differences to do with faith, body diversity and neurodiversity.

The first PGS D&I Newsletter was launched in the Autumn Term with new issues following each half term thereafter.

In the Autumn Term we were also privileged to have Year 12 pupils from the D&I group deliver anti-racism training to all year groups. In the background lots have work has been going on as we look forward to launching our Anti-racism roadmap in the spring.