Who wouldn’t want to be in Year 5 this term with their term topic being about all things chocolate?

Year 5 started their learning journey with reading Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Did you know that Roald Dahl created more nasty child characters than he ended up including in the final version of his book? Inspired by this, the children created their own child characters to accompany, who, with their wide-ranging horrible habits, would be in good company with Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee and Violet Beauregarde.

Maddie created Daisy Fightalot, who loves to argue and boasts about all of her medals and trophies. Freddie created Rick Rich – as the name suggests, extremely rich so he spends his family’s entire fortune on Wonka Bars in an attempt to find the Golden Ticket. Cyrus created Adam Chump, who picks his nose, steals money and eats food off of the floor. Amelia created Jane Sleepalot, a very lazy character who prefers to stay in bed all day. The only thing that will rouse her is the smell of sugar! Ariadni created Snowy Honeybee, who is obsessed with doing crazy, extreme feats of athleticism in order to show off.

Lily’s character is Margaret Sourgrape - she adores being sour to everyone except her beloved Pomeranian dogs. She tells everyone how amazing she is and how everyone else is rubbish. Noah created Hermione Kindly, who holds the Guinness World Record for being too kind. She is so sickly sweet that she actually annoys everyone. Sam’s character is called Clara Controversial, a seven-year-old with attitude! She is never agreeable and won’t do as she’s told. If you told her that the sky is blue, she would say that it is green. Hattie’s character is also a bit of a show-off. Bella Balance is obsessed with balancing enormous numbers of things, including herself, often in inappropriate places. She once balanced on 50 books outside the National Gallery.

As the term progressed they also created a sweet for their “missing chapter” ideas including sweets that make you healthy, sweets that turn you into animals and sweets that make you amazing.

The Year Five Chocolate Factory then hit full speed. Collaborating with the Senior School DT department who helped them design their own vacuum moulds.

Note to parents: Extra teeth cleaning may be needed!