A trip to Queen Elizabeth Country Park heralded the start of Year 4’s Mighty Mountain project and they were kept busy in the outdoors, taking part in many varied activities.

Whether it was den building in the woods, identifying plants in the undergrowth, learning to tie different types of knot or balancing balls in a team building activity, there was much to enjoy and experience for the intrepid and enthusiastic pupils.

“Our trip to QE was brilliant fun,” exclaimed Harry D in 4S. “We had to really persevere as a team to complete the team building challenge with Mr Sykes and I had a yummy packed lunch. I really enjoyed the day as it was really fun!”

Back in the classroom, Year Four moved on to researching different mountains from around the globe – finding out how they got their names, their elevations, where they can be found and the history of the world’s most famous peaks.

“We have discovered that some mountains have very dangerous routes and climbs to the peak, “said Sam M in in 4G. “In History we learnt that the first people to climb Mount Everest (or Chomolungma, which is the Nepalese name) were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, who managed to reach the summit on the 28th May 1953, after many attempts. Did you know it is over 8848m tall and is the highest mountain in the world?”

This project brings together many aspects of the curriculum in interactive and enriching ways for the pupils, enabling them to look beyond books and what they can investigate online to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. This Connected Curriculum approach is taught throughout the Junior School.