Year 1 visited Portchester Castle this term and delved in to its history.

Oh! To travel back in time and be met at a castle by a noble lady, a knight and a friendly monk… it wasn’t just a dream for Year 1 as this is actually what they did in September, though the time travel was more of a coach to Portchester!

To start their ‘A Knight’s Tale’ topic, Year 1 visited Portchester Castle and had history truly brought to life as they were shown around the castle and its grounds by a cast of characters that explained to them what life would have been like and about the Kings and Queens that had lived in or visited the castle.

Knight Ivan in 1G bravely took up a long bow and demonstrated to all the assembled knights (or pupils) exactly how tricky it was to fire!

Despite it being a windy and rainy day, everyone had a fun time and came back full of knowledge to start their curriculum topic.