The pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been working on their gymnastic skills and all of them were very excited to show off their new talents to their teddies and their parents during a showcase in the Sports Hall.

First to take to the floor were Years 1 and 2 who in a collision of colour, shape and height filled the Sports Hall. Pupils concentrated on body tension and extension as they worked over, under, around and through different low-level apparatus practising their balances, rolls, jumps and travels. Every child challenged themselves physically and mentally as they sequenced together their learning to produce some excellent displays.

“It was such a special event,” said Mr Jason Ashcroft. “Seeing the children enjoying moving across all the equipment so confidently was fantastic.”

The energy and excitement that filled the room in this inclusive celebration of learning was electrifying and one that will stay with pupils and parents forever.

The Reception pupils were not going to be out-done by their older school mates though! Over 20 families joined the pupils in the Sports Hall as the pupils were put in to action across a range of soft and colourful apparatus. Their knowledge about jumping, rolling and balancing was clearly on display. Over the term, these pupils have accomplished a lot more than you could imagine as they have developed lifelong skills that adults take for granted such as turn taking, changing speed and listening and following instructions.

The pupils were helped and encouraged on the apparatus by a fantastic group of Year 3 and 4 helpers, which the Reception pupils really enjoyed.

Thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents who made this such a positive and welcoming celebration of learning.