Year 11 pupils have been turning their attention to what their life in the
Sixth Form might look like.

As part of this, pupils had the opportunity to meet the Sixth Form Team this term, hear about life in the Sixth Form and talk through the academic choices available within the exciting new 2020 Sixth Form Curriculum (click here to read more). They also visited different departments to understand more fully the subject choices available to them.

We were then delighted to welcome their parents in the evening when they too had the opportunity to learn more about the Sixth Form and the new 2020 Curriculum that will shape the experience and prepare them for life at 25.

Moving in to the Sixth Form is a new educational journey within PGS with greater freedom and independence of learning alongside a huge number of opportunities for pupils to supplement what they learn in the classroom with activities beyond the walls of the school. Whether they choose to gain a deeper understanding of their academic subjects, engage with the school and local community or take the opportunity to try something new, the Sixth Form experience is unlike any other in the school. It is an exciting time for Year 11 as they decide what they would like to do.