The Gala Concert

We celebrated the International Day of Languages with great gusto this term.

Pupils who speak a second language fluently visited classes throughout the Senior School to give a short taster in the language. There were Hindi lessons in Geography with Hindi words for the weather - particularly rainy and cloudy - being learnt. Russian lessons with Year 7, Afrikaans during Drama and Italian during Music. There were also tasters in Persian, Norwegian, Mandarin, Bengali, Cantonese, Kannada, Polish, Sinhalese, Latvian, Portuguese and even Welsh!

The next cohort of linguists were inspired this term, mainly through their taste buds, when Year 6 pupils were joined in the Kitchen Lab by Senior School teachers and pupils to learn how to make some delicious tartelettes aux fraise. The pupils were led through the recipe learning the vocabulary and pronunciation of the ingredients and the recipe instructions. This language event was certainly appreciated with yummy results.

“C'était fantastique!” was the strong verdict of Indie Stone in Year 6.

“C'était fantastique!”