The Pre-School pupils wrapped up warm and headed to the beach to explore ideas for their art project.

The weather may have been wet, windy and very wild but that did not deter the Pre-School heading to the beach! They put on their coats, hats and wellington boots and made their way to the beach by the historic Hot Walls.

On the way there they splashed in lots of puddles as Mrs Moore had told them they wouldn’t be able to paddle in the sea as it would be too rough!

It was quite tricky to jump in the puddles though as they were all carrying an empty clear bottle to take to the beach with them so that they could collect shells, pebbles and seaweed to make a beach scene to support the work they were going to do as part of the ‘Take One Picture’ Project.

After an hour on the beach everyone made their way back to Pre-School, they looked a little dishevelled which is a sure sign of a good trip!

To end their beach-themed day, the pupils filled their bottles with blue water and then dripped in some oil. They could then give them a good shake to make big waves, just like the ones they had seen at the beach.