A cast and crew of pupils took over The Kings Theatre in November for the Senior School Musical production of ‘Bring It On’.

From the moment the overture started to play to the final number, 'I Got You', you could not fault the talent and dedication the cast and crew had to making their performance of 'Bring It On' truly memorable.

The highs and lows of teenage tribalism were by turn humorously and poignantly portrayed as Campbell, the Cheerleading Captain of Truman High, had to navigate the tricky waters of changing schools, trying to fit in to a new culture and ultimately becoming a stronger version of herself.

“I wanted to do a show with amazing music, creative opportunities and most importantly, a story the pupils could get excited about,” says Jamie Ann Templeman, Director-in-Residence. “I am a big admirer of Lin-Manuel Miranda, he was writing ‘Hamilton’ around the same time as ‘Bring It On’ and there are clear similarities in the music. I had such an amazing time working with this incredibly hardworking and talented cast and crew.”

Taking on such a physical show was a great challenge to the cast as they had to learn some difficult cheerleading tricks and moves alongside fantastic choreography by Gemma Williams.

There were strong performances throughout the cast from both the Truman Squad and Jackson Crew; Lily Smith, who took on the role of Campbell, was on the stage for the majority of the show, her energy never flagging and producing a great performance. Danielle, the alternative, sassy leader of the crew at Jackson was brilliantly brought to life by Sofia Callander who was supported by very memorable 'sidekicks', La Cienega and Nautica played by Hamish Critchley and Gracie Gregory.

“I was really impressed by the passion our pupils had for this show,” said James Robinson, Director of Drama. “The Senior School Musical each year enables us to engage with a broad range of pupils – some who have never been on a stage before and others finding that their skill is in lighting, costume or set design. It is a real opportunity for them to grow in confidence and maturity, and performing at The Kings Theatre is incredibly special for all of us.”

Congratulations to all the cast, crew, band and staff who supported bringing such a memorable musical to the stage.

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