Remember when we were heading towards the EU Withdrawal Day on 31st October? Then there was the General Election...

When the EU withdrawal seemed more imminent, pupils from across the Senior School gathered for a panel discussion entitled Brexit #Stressxit. Questions on Brexit uncertainty, the impact of a no deal and the potential of a second referendum were all discussed with questions from the floor indicating a real divergence of views amongst pupils. Mrs Morgan shared her top tips for surviving ‘stressxit’ and pupils were encouraged to use their voice by contributing to future talks and articles for Portsmouth Point.

Then along came the General Election and we welcomed candidates from four of the offical parties standing in Portsmouth South. After an introduction from Mr Simon Lemieux who gave some background to the constituency that in recent years has been represented by all three main parties, each of the candidates were given 4 minutes to speak before taking questions from the pupils.

Each of the candidates clearly stated their key priorities and what they would bring to the city. Questions from the pupils covered public spending, party unity, crime, building relationships with local schools and, of course, Brexit.