PGS In The Community

PGS is an active member of the community with the whole school taking part in activities and events throughout the year. This term we have held beach cleans, hosted academic events with pupils visiting from other schools in the city, taken PGS Drama on the road to undertake workshops at other schools and raised awareness and funds for our partner school, Kikaaya Colllege in Uganda as well as for a number of other charities.



At a PGS Amnesty meeting discussion turned to the disposable fashion culture and the movement started by Fashion Revolution – a group of people who work in the fashion industry and are committed to creating an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. How to bring this message to PGS resulted in a Fashion Swap Shop being held on the last day of half term, with great success.

A large number of pupils came along and swapped clothes for tokens or made a small donation. Many also took the opportunity to speak to the PGS Amnesty pupils and staff to learn about where their clothes were made and why it’s important as customers that we demand transparency from the clothing industry. Awareness of this had also been highlighted in a BBC3 documentary by Stacey Dooley, Fashions Dirty Secret, about the hidden costs to the communities around many of the factories that feed the “fast fashion” trend.

In a follow up event we were delighted to welcome visiting PGS parent, Chris Cordt who came in to speak about sweatshop conditions linked to the Alpaca clothing trade in Peru and two clothing businesses he has helped to set up, which provide a living wage, medical care and job security for employees.

“It was sad that I found so many shells with
plastic stuck in them”


by Sam, Year 3

Over one hundred pupils, staff and parents met at Hayling Island beach, by the Ferry Boat Inn, to spend an hour collecting rubbish as part of a beach clean to help the Marine Conservation Society.

Mr Ellis and Mrs Budgen had told us that lots of rubbish washes up on the beach. By collecting all sizes of plastic and rubbish it helps protect the environment and the marine animals. PGJS hold a beach clean each term and we look forward to seeing as many of you in the spring term as possible!

Over four large bin liners full of rubbish were found and the most common item found was cotton bud sticks and small parts of plastic bottles and packaging. "I had seen a photo in the news of a swan who had built a nest out of rubbish in a canal and also about seagulls eating plastic as they thought it was food," said Harry. "As 3S Eco Councillor I wanted to help care for the environment. I really liked looking carefully at items on the beach and I even found a stone that looked like a face”

“I found lots of old fishing line that was attached to shells and seaweed and some old rusty cable on the beach which was strange,” said Nick (3S).

“I was surprised that the beach had so many dips and hollows that rubbish got stuck in,” said Amelia (3S). “It was sad that I found so many shells with plastic stuck in them and I also found a dead cuttlefish on the beach.”


96 children from 16 local schools attended the Junior School Bright Sparks event this year. Half of the children had come to challenge themselves in the Year 2 workshops and half were eager to engage with the Year 4 activities. After a welcome drink and cookie they set off to experience three different workshops, one English based, one mathematical and one scientific.

The workshops, each based around the theme of ‘Explorers’, were provided by PGJS teachers and special guests. Activities included a maths magician needing help exploring how his magic number tricks worked and a regular visitor to PGJS, Chris Connaughton, engaging the children by exploring elements of The Fire Bird story, acting out the emotions of the characters and developing their vocabulary.

The children also had fun making decisions about the importance of different pieces of equipment needed in space exploration after travelling to the moon using their virtual reality headsets. They also made binoculars after decoding the instructions, found hidden treasure using grid references and made balloons travel across the hall.

It was a delight to see the engaged faces of all the children, lit up with interest and enthusiasm for their work. Throughout the day there was the sound of laughter and highly challenging questions and ideas were excitedly shared. Everyone agreed it had been a wonderful experience, with one visiting pupils saying “I can’t wait to get back to school to tell my friends about my amazing day.” Similarly, a teacher from another school told us that she couldn’t believe the difference in a pupil who never usually put herself forward to answer questions but who had hardly stopped talking during the day.

Dream more, learn more, do more and become more
Dolly Parton


9 TO 5

As part of the warm up and rehearsals for the big shows at The Kings Theatre, the Drama Department and some 9 to 5 cast members hit the road to take music and dance to Junior Schools in the city.

Over 100 pupils at Arundel Court Junior School and Cottage Grove Junior School took part in musical theatre workshops inspired by the PGS production of
9 to
5, with everyone having a fantastic time.

Many of the children participating in the workshops attended a special schools matinee performance of the musical along with almost 300 other local school children.