Year 4 Musical

Cinderella Sweeps the Stage

This timeless tale of Cinderella, who goes from rags to riches, had an usual twist.

"Oh no it didn’t!"

"Oh yes it did!"

The story nearly followed the traditional tale with the ugly step-sisters mistreatment of Cinderella; the faithful Buttons who is in love with her; Cinderella’s rather elderly Fairy Godmother; a magical transformation with seamless costume changes (!), a dramatic exit as the clock striked midnight and the hunt for the slipper’s owner.

Luckily for Cinders, she did not end up marrying the buffoon of a Prince, but ended up happily ever after with good old Buttons.

Year Four entertained their audience with lots of panto humour, trumpet fanfares, jazzy dancing and super singing, not to mention the arrival of the footmen on scooters.

A huge well done to all those in Year Four for putting on a fantastic show and helping us get into the Christmas mood!